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KAAP: Certification Commission On July 18th our Board President send a message to membership about upcoming changes. As outlined in the memo from Tom Lohff, the Kansas Association of Addiction Professionals has offered several certifications to the addiction profession. These certifications include Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC I, CADC II, CADC III), Kansas Certified Peer Mentor (KCPM), Kansas Peer Mentor in Training (KPMT), Kansas Certified Gambling Counselor (KCGC) and Person Centered Case Manager (PCCM). These certifications were issued under the KAAP Certification Commission according to and under the authority of the Association bylaws and the KAAP Certification Commission Policy Manual and, for some certifications, contractual agreements with the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services, Addiction and Prevention Services. Special thanks to TAG Glass, SSFODF and Whitevector.com. Kansas Association of Addiction Professionals
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